Wednesdays are now exclusively reserved for a girlie catch up with #WineWednesdays- yes it’s now a thing!

London has its perks but also its drawbacks. With friends from uni scattered across this vast city, we have had to start being a touch more organised to ensure we regularly see each other. Whilst Thursdays are always busy with work socials if you’re a city bug and Fridays vary from date night to some EDM dance marathon amongst the individuals in my group, Wednesdays are now sacred for the girls.

A bottle of wine and three glasses please.

Corney and Barrow in Exchange Square is our go to place. On a Wednesday evening as the sun sets after the bankers-post-work-rush, the square quietens down. This cute bar spills out its cosy seating into the square against the background of Liverpool Street Rail Station.

We caught up over a beautiful bottle of Ruca Malen, a red Cabernet Sauvignon with grape from Mendoza, Argentina. The delicious wine brimming with light fruit flavours went perfectly in hand with the chatter and laughter that flowed from our lips.

Discovering that one of the girls had never experienced the heights of the Heron Tower before, we decided to mosey on over to Sushi Samba once the last drops of liquid gold had been polished off. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Sushi Samba but it has always been for cocktails and not wine, so this was a first of sorts for me too! Also no queue?! The bonuses of #WineWednesday!

Sushi Samba, Heron Tower boasts a friendly and helpful staff and a well stocked bar. The cocktail menu is full of delectable treats for us adults–I feel like a child in an old fashioned sweet-shop when I look through it! But going down the cocktail route would have been a risky move when the DJs playing EDM and the vibe is picking up in this venue. Instead, we settled on a bottle of Riva Leone, a Barolo keeping in line with the #WineWednesday theme.

View of London in Glass Lift
Views of London as we whizz up to the 39th floor.

I would definitely recommend Sushi Samba for a good catch up during the week. Imagine perching by the ceiling-to-floor windows looking over sweeping views of the London lights whilst sipping on their cocktails, champagnes and wine; the DJ in the corner playing his beats; the staff creating little pieces of happiness behind the bar. Being a Wednesday there were just the right amount of bodies around – we could get served at the bar without any real wait but there were enough people to create an atmosphere but still hear ourselves and each other.

Another thing.

That lift though.

A panoramic glass lift whisks you up to the 39th floor as you watch London grown smaller until it almost looks like a miniature model city (I’m thinking a infinitely more pleasant version of Jimmy Cauty’s instalment at Banksy’s Dismaland).

This visit has renewed my love of Sushi Samba and whilst it’s not always my cup of tea at the end of the week, I’ll definitely be back again for that cheeky midweek cocktail when I need a bit of self-indulgance!

Indulgent details offset the otherwise trendy decor.
Barolo’clock looking over London’s lights.

So you’ve heard about my where this #WineWednesday has taken me but it’d be lovely to know where you’d go or what you’d do so comment below and let me know!

Malti x

Corney & Barrow, Exchange Sq. (Liverpool Street)

Sushi Samba, Heron Tower (Liverpool Street)