This Wednesday, we traded up from wine to champagne! On the back of a recommendation, we booked a table for three at M Raw, Bank, for a four-course meal with free flowing champagne.

The M restaurants are positioned just off Threadneedle Street in the heart of London’s old financial district. As you walk through the large tinted glass doors of the sleek looking venue, the first thing you notice is the decor. I fell in love with the high ceilings, clean lines, cool materials and colours, the mirrors and glasswork and the large, black decorated staircase in the middle of it all. The tables were all full and the atmosphere was alive with chatter and laughter from all around. Waiters walked round the tables with magnums of champagne topping up the guests as they neared the bottom of their champagne coupes. On a side note, turns out that champagne coupes (large wide rimmed almost saucer-like glasses on a short stem) are the oldest variety of champagne glass and were very popular in the early 20th century but since then, the champagne flute and tulip have both surpassed their demand.

We were eager to get our first glass of quality bubbles but unfortunately it was a little slow to start with – we were seated for about 20 minutes before being served our first glass which was rather disappointing. However the food options did make up for this.

My order

Bites. Edamame in firecracker sauce.
Cured M Plate. Trout in buttermilk, lime and pear
Cold Stone. Kangaroo fillet tartare in mushrooms, egg yolk sauce and blue nasturtium with a side of mushroom crisps
Hot Stone. Yellow fin tuna in soy, honey and firecracker sauce

Pork belly rice paper roll
Cured trout
Kagaroo fillet tartare
Two yellow fin tuna on a hot stone

The food is mouth-wateringly. It’s light, healthy and fresh–the word that comes to my mind when I think back to it all. Each dish is elegant and beautifully presented where the extra flavours and textures act to accentuate the highlight the central fish or meat ingredient. This is definitely my kind of food and if you’re a sashimi lover, this is place an absolute must for you too. The only thing to bare in mind is that the plates are rather small and you leave wanting more.

We were at our table for a good two hours over dinner and conversation drifted from the woes of work (champagne definitely required for this) to the historical role of women in society. From Virginia Woolf’s, ‘A room of One’s Own’ to the BBC series, ‘The Assent of Women’, feminist themes ran through our discussions. It was an interesting evening and I would definitely recommend Woolf’s extended essay if you haven’t read it before.

As our final glasses of champagne ran out, the bill was settled and we went on our very merry way.

The M has all the grandeur of fine-dining without the pocket-pinching price tag. Next time you fancy dressing up for a sit-down meal without the calories, consider M Raw.

M Raw, 2 & 3 Threadneedle Walk, 60 Threadneedle Street EC2R 8HP
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