I’m Malti, a twenty-something year old living and working in London. During the day, I sit in a lab playing with cells and fancy microscopes, coding and reading scientific papers but by night I like to frequent bars, restaurants and art galleries.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for some time to give myself a constructive creative outlet and share my adventures large and small. I finally put fingers-to-keyboard and took the plunge to create ‘Drifting Londoner’. I’m still not entirely sure what the blog will shape up into but I’m starting small with posts on bars and restaurants about town, art exhibitions, and just general London Life. I might throw a cheeky bit about my travels in here too!

All in all, I hope you enjoy browsing my blog and feel free to get in touch–tweet, insta or email me. Alternatively leave comments on the blog and I’ll get back to you!

Much love

Malti xx

twitter: @maltibv
instagram: @maltibv
email: driftinglondoner[AT]gmail.com